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My wife Lynne and I are building tim at the age of 39 years, thin them. Lynne is a good stvid size 14 figure and long brunette hair, a nice pair of breasts 36cc. We have always had an active sex life and enjoy the pleasures of sex while making love fantasy. I always draw a fantasy about Lynne dressed very sexy underwear beautiful white silk and a guy and then bother him and mastrubate. I have always liked to see, Lynne was wearing a bright white panties under her skirt, she has a full sRAW everything and know how much it turns me on when she shows her underwear in public, so the notice other people. We have long spoken and roll played in private, but I was surprised to Lynne, to try to drag a guy working on your Christmas party and try to reach a deal with him home so he could hide , and shaken by what they see. Your job is always a single stvid employee Christmas party was ar and this year is different for different for us. had asked me, opted for the underwear, the sknow that I wear and hot as hell ! and stvid he did. I decided to cut a white strapless with a bow nice, a pair of black stockings pattern, white French lingerie and a white vest top. All were cut into beautiful soft nylon with many peaks. I opted for a knee legnth silky white slip, with a spacing of 10 inches at the tip bourdered, shining the light, as she put it. chose a dress split three-quarters of silk legnth that was it in the garbage wrapped only in a thong. when he placed his light shone from the room and when he sat open hollow dress with her ​​white panties under Réveil silk. I said a guy named Alan was his aim, as always had been watching her in the office and make suggestive comments to her. No partner and Lynne thought it would be for them. at 19:00 Lynne went on to say in a taxi that had methat texy, shortly before she was due to return home, I would give this about 10 minutesto hide in the stvid linen closet in the hallway, a vent age-old hot air heat, I had a good view of our bedroom. Lynne had told me to tell Alan that was far from the night, it would be easy for them to return home. I was hard as hell going to spend all night in anticipation of what we expect. A 1 am i atext Reveived by Lynne told me she had drawn and ready. I went into the furnace of my penis lump under my shorts. About 10 minutes later, open the door of the house and vioce heard, saw Lynne and I heard them say it will be worth the calm, who had tried to pictures of him out of her dress that sent me wild. I've heard, Lynne, said: 'Now, how far I will not go you know, ' and another voice saying, 'if hot as hell stvid to im, I think one more Cany too dirty. ' I heard footsteps on the stairs and the bedroom lights go on, like looking through the bars that can besee Alan and his wife Lynne were together and I was kissing the hand of Alan pulls open her dress and fondling to see white panties Lynne. He seemed stvid very excited, as Lynne said, 'in bed and pull your boxers im going to give the feel of silk ' was given to this Alan in bed and pulled his pants and underpants down is exposed penis throbbing. Lynne pulled her panties and slowly massaged his stvid cock helmet, I could hear their cries, like her, things she was saying as she rubbed his cock faster and faster to suddely jurko 'Well, you're a big boy' and I he could tell the silk stvid panties filled with sauce. His face told me he was completely satisfied. Lynne sperm package full of panties on the bed and went downstairs. Lynne made ​​it to go with some excuse and went upstairs. I opened the door of my hiding place and began to grope led stvid me to the bed and insisted that he was lying in bed and full of cum Slip -on -mand tail so I could add my cum to Alan. that 's what I did and soon fill their silk panties full of cum with mine. We are interested in other pairs of slides, using his love, as we would have some like-minded people to listen, so the adventure can u003e u003e u003e stvid u003e u003e u003e continue u003e
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